Project Goals

Led by Durham University, NATURVATION involves 14 institutions across Europe working in fields as diverse as urban development, innovation studies, geography, ecology, environmental assessment and economics. Our partnership includes city governments, non-governmental organisations and business. We will assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities, examine how innovation is taking place, and work with communities and stakeholders to develop the knowledge and tools required to realise the potential of nature-based solutions for meeting urban sustainability goals.

News, Events and Blog posts

Attending the inaugural IPCC Cities and Climate Change meeting Harriet Bulkeley finds plenty of interest in nature-based solutions and a commitment to strengthening collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners
Naturvation’s researcher Francesc Baró (ICTA-UAB) will participate in a forthcoming expert meeting on how to implement NBS in Mediterranean cities organized by IUCN-Med.
Naturvation is calling for a step-change in how nature-based solutions like green roofs and city lagoons are used for sustainable urbanisation and in tackling climate change. But first, the project's researchers are addressing a knowledge gap on current best practices and impacts.
The IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference will take place from 5-7 March 2018 in Edmonton, Canada.