Overcoming the Implementation Gap

Despite the growing interest in Nature Based Solutions for addressing urban sustainability, there can be a gap between assessments of their potential and their use in practice. Our work charts the pathways that have led to the successful uptake of Nature Based Solutions in diverse urban contexts. It focuses on the innovations that have enabled the implementation of Nature Based Solutions and provides insights into the conditions that can constrain and enable their widespread uptake.

We have analysed the use of Nature Based Solutions in one hundred cities in Europe, selected to represent diverse urban conditions and sustainability challenges. Examining almost 1000 interventions that have put Nature Based Solutions to work, we find that there has been a rapid increase in their use over the past decade and that they are increasingly being deployed through partnerships of public and private actors. Nature Based Solutions are most often used to address challenges of health and urban regeneration, with less focus on environmental challenges. Our full report provides more insights into this new and important trend in European urban development.

Putting Nature Based Solutions to Work