Resilient Cities 2019: Bringing Urban Nature into Focus?

In the face of climate change and increasing environmental, economic and social pressures, building resilience and sustainable development has become a strategic issue for cities. For a decade, the Resilient Cities conference series organised by ICLEI has created an international and creative space where local governments, researchers, business and civil society can meet and contribute to the learning community on urban resilience.

World Cities Day

The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 31 October 2018 as World Cities Day! Check out the emerging findings, lessons and tools from the NATRÙRVATION project.

Nature and Cities: A workshop in Melbourne with Naturvation and Urban GreenUp

The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub at Melbourne University organized a free interactive seminar on nature-based solutions (NBS) with RMIT University and an international collaborator Lund University.

How effective are nature-based solutions in cities?

The increasing urban population worldwide is experiencing challenges imposed by climate change, decreasing environmental quality and threats to health and wellbeing.

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