Nature-based solutions – from innovation to common-use?

Reflections from the European conference on nature-based solutions in Tallinn, Estonia.

Malmö - one of the world’s largest urban arboretum?

Trees as a common responsibility: How Malmö is trying to protect their tree stock

The Mobile Lab – Our Way to Experience Nature in the City

Mobile Lab is a new methodology to explore a phenomenon by directly engaging with the city, its infrastructure, people and nature.

Connecting Smart City Technologies and Nature-based Solutions in Newcastle

How a network of sensors can help to increase the resilience of cities and the well-being of its citizens.

Putting the Eco back into the City? Notes from EcoCities 2017

Presenting at the 11th bi-annual EcoCities Conference, Harriet Bulkeley finds ecocities to be an idea that has run its time and one we need more than ever

Green urban planning in Bucharest

Three of our researchers attended an international workshop on green infrastructure for sustainable urban planning in Bucharest.

Greening cities to limit heat impacts

Greening cities, such as through green roofs, is an attractive investment to limit heat impacts from climate change.

Can nature-based solutions be socially inclusive?

Yes they can, but ... they can also produce inequality. Our recent article explores how to ensure fair nature-based solutions.

Musings on the nature of nature-based solutions

Getting inside the nature in nature-based solutions with Maria Kaika's book called City of Flows.


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