Brazilian-EU cooperation to foster NBS

With Brazil aiming for a more holistic approach to the environment a dialogue with different sectors has been initiated  to improve the current management of natural resources and strengthen the uptake of nature-based solutions.

From nature-based solutions to nature-based innovation systems

Naturvation researchers Sander van der Jagt and Hade Dorst's paper nominated for best conference paper award at International Sustainability Transitions Conference

Taking green roofs to the next level: an inspiring example from Edinburgh

A bottom-up initiative in Edinburgh is successfully campaigning to improve the quality of green rooftops within the city centre to benefit local wildlife

How can plants fight drought in Cape Town?

Restoring indigenous shrubland in Cape Town can increase water supply and provide climate change adaptation benefits

Exploring rooftop gardens in Barcelona

How nature-based solutions can be part of social empowerment

There is no such thing as free… nature

Nature is all around us. And it can help us deal with some urban challenges. So, nature, welcome back to cities! But what is it worth?

IPCC Cities and Climate Change: looking for nature-based solutions?

Attending the inaugural IPCC Cities and Climate Change meeting Harriet Bulkeley finds plenty of interest in nature-based solutions and a commitment to strengthening collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners

Nature-based solutions – from innovation to common-use?

Reflections from the European conference on nature-based solutions in Tallinn, Estonia.

Malmö - one of the world’s largest urban arboretum?

Trees as a common responsibility: How Malmö is trying to protect their tree stock


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