Harriet Bulkeley to give keynote lecture at the 2017 Eco-Cities Summit in Melbourne

12 July 2017

First held in California in 1990, the 2017 Eco-Cities Summit is taking place in Melbourne this July. With a strong tradition of bringing together policy-makers, practitioners and the research community, the 2017 Eco-City is no exception with speakers from government, business, civil society and universities sharing the stage to talk about the conference theme Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations.

Highlights will include Al Gore speaking on the important role of cities in addressing climate change, Debra Roberts, Co-Chair of Working Group II for the IPCC’s sixth assessment discussing how cities can address vulnerability, alongside contributions from businesses such as Tesla who see the potential for cities to foster green economic growth.

Harriet will be speaking about how climate change has fundamentally changed how we understand the role of cities in the world – and what we hope about for their future.