Understanding & capturing the value of nature-based solutions for water risk management

11 July 2018 to 12 July 2018

The NAIAD project, a H2020 project focused on “assessing and demonstration the value of nature based solution in the context of water related risks” are organising a workshop on “Understanding & capturing the value of nature-based solutions for Water Risk management - From social values to viable business models “. Naturvation’s researcher Marija Bockarjova will present the "Valuation of NBS impacts: application of meta-analysis value transfer to European Urban Nature Atlas". In this contribution Marija will present the results of meta-analyses for values of urban nature. Her team have estimated value transfer functions for various types of urban nature, such as parks, forests, blue nature, green connected to grey, based on global as well as on European data. As a next step, they have been working on the application of the value transfer functions to urban NBS across Europe (from the European Urban Nature Atlas). Main results of this large-scale benefit transfer exercise are presented and discussed.

The workshop will be hosted in Montpellier, at the Crown Plaza hotel on the 11th & 12th July 2018.