Project Goals

Led by Durham University, NATURVATION involves 14 institutions across Europe working in fields as diverse as urban development, innovation studies, geography, ecology, environmental assessment and economics. Our partnership includes city governments, non-governmental organisations and business. We will assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities, examine how innovation is taking place, and work with communities and stakeholders to develop the knowledge and tools required to realise the potential of nature-based solutions for meeting urban sustainability goals.

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News, Events and Blog posts

Utrecht's new green roof policy: A step-by-step approach
A half-day web-based event discussing need for action and options for nature-based solutions in Germany
The NATURVATION project has developed three snapshots on innovations pathways and nature-based solutions exploring urban forests, water challenges and climate adaptation.
Naturvation releases a new report on the roles of nature-based soloutions for biodiversity