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nature-based solutions in an urban world

The NATURVATION project launched a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on nature-based solutions in an urban world in January 2020. The MOOC contains a collection of inspiring and educational films about the opportunities, challenges and future of nature-based solutions. The aim of the course is to develop an online learning community around nature-based solutions in cities. Join the course!

Nature-based solutions have the potential to provide multiple benefits across a range of sustainability challenges facing cities. They can help to limit the impacts of climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve environmental quality while contributing to economic activities and social well-being. Examples include green roofs and city parks that reduce heat, city lagoons that can store water as well as vegetation and rain gardens to intercept storm water.

This course explores nature-based solutions in cities in Europe and around the world. It connects together the key themes of nature, cities and innovation. We discuss how to assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities. We examine how innovation is taking place in cities. And we analyse the potential of nature-based solutions to help respond to climate change and sustainability challenges.

This course combines both technical knowledge and the social sciences to better understand nature-based solutions in a holistic perspective. New governance arrangements, business models, financing and forms of citizen engagement will be needed to make the promise of nature based solutions a reality. In this course, we bring together a collection of diverse films and key short readings on nature-based solutions, as well as, interactive forums and practical assignments to create an online learning community.