The following reports show our understanding of the ways in which strategic intervention in the governance, financial and urban development domains can enable types of innovation most likely to work over the long-term and support nature-based solutions that can deliver ecological, economic and social benefits.

Mainstreaming Biodiversity Action through Nature-Based Solutions

In this report, we look at the mobilisation of stakeholders in reaching the ambition of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

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Greening European Cities: Accelerating the uptake of urban nature-based solutions

In this report, we provide a comparative analysis across the diverse national contexts in the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary and the EU as to how factors from across the regulatory, financial and urban development domains shape the uptake of urban nature-based solutions.

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Pathways for systemic integration of nature-based solutions

In this report, using the examples of climate change and biodiversity, we examine how stepping stones can be aligned to generate promising pathways for mainstreaming nature-based solutions that can contribute to diverse sustainability agendas in cities.

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Mainstreaming Transdisciplinary Research

This project provides an overview of the research on Transdisciplinary Capacity Building within the NATURVATION project. The ambition was to create the capacity required to effectively deliver a transdisciplinary approach and to mainstream transdisciplinary research.

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