Special Issue on the governance of nature-based solutions in the city at the intersection of justice and equity

The NATURVATION-inspired Special Issue on the governance of nature-based solutions has now been published!

Making Urban Nature Bloom

Four years, six cities, nearly a hundred meetings involving hundreds of stakeholders. Learn about our collaborative journey in this book.

Realising the Urban Opportunity: Cities and Post-2020 Biodiversity Governance

When it comes to ensuring a new deal for nature and people, cities have much to offer. Read a new policy brief on the role of cities in restoring, conserving and thriving with nature.

Over 10,000 enrolements in the Urban Nature online course

In November 2020, the Urban Nature MOOC - Massive Open Online Course passed an important milestone of 10,000 enrolements.

To green or not to green - a documentary film

In this short documentary, the case of Barcelona is explored through the voices of those who are fighting for the right to neighborhoods that are both green and affordable.

Naturvation on the Big Green Show

Learn about the "Cities, Nature and Innovation: New Directions" compendium designed and developed for the Urban Nature MOOC - Massive Open Online Course.

Urban Nature Compendium in Spanish and French

So far there is 11,000 downloads of the Urban Nature Compendium in English, and we are proud to announce it is now available in Spanish and French.

Check out the Urban Nature Navigator

The Urban Nature Navigator is a tool to assess the potential contributions of nature-based solutions to meet various urban sustainability challenges.