NATURVATION nominated as best transdisciplinary research project for Pathways to Sustainability Award

NATURVATION is selected out of 18 nominated research projects as one of the three nominees for the Pathways to Sustainability Award. The project was valued by the jury for engaging in transdisciplinary approaches at multiple levels: the local level through the Urban Regional Innovation Partnerships (URIPs), the national level with placements at relevant organizations and the international level by engaging with, for example, the European Investment Bank. The winner of the prize will be determined by public vote at the Pathways to Sustainability conference, organized in Utrecht on 5th March, and will take home €2,500 to invest in the project or follow-up. The prize is an initiative to reward the best transdisciplinary research projects involving members of Utrecht University alongside societal stakeholders. More information on selection criteria and shortlisted projects can be found here: