Value and benefit assessment methods database for urban NBS

The database provides open access to knowledge about where, when, and under which circumstances, integrated multi-functional and systemic impacts of NBS can be assessed. 

Social and Cultural values and Impacts of NBS and Natural Areas

How to integrate and present the existing knowledge regarding the concepts of NBS and their associated social and cultural values and benefits.

Assessment of Biophysical and Ecological Services provided by Urban Nature-Based Solutions

What types of nature-based solutions are particularly relevant in urban contexts?

Review of Economic Valuation of Nature Based Solutions in Urban Areas

This report describes the Financial and Economic Value database (FEVD) collected during the first stage of the NATURVATION project.

NATURVATION ecosystem services database available on GLOBIO website

There is increasing need to quantify urban biodiversity and ecosystem services delivered by urban nature-based solutions.

Financial and Economic Values Database

The NATURVATION Financial and Economic Values Database (FEVD) currently includes 205 values assigned to nature-based solutions from 105 studies.