Policy & Governance Innovation

How can policy be developed to support the implementation of Nature Based Solutions? Across multiple domains, from climate change to biodiversity, urban regeneration to health, Nature Based Solutions offer new approaches for responding to the challenges facing cities. Their implementation will require a supportive policy environment from the European region to the local level. The NATURVATION project will chart how policy-makers are seeking to include Nature Based Solutions within strategy, planning and regulation at all levels of government. We will also explore innovative governance approaches that have enabled Nature Based Solutions to overcome barriers and become embedded in practice.

Our work shows that Nature Based Solutions are increasingly included within the strategies and policies of the EU and its Member States. They are regarded as important means through which to address environmental sustainability challenges, from responding to climate change to preventing the loss of biodiversity. We find that the potential for Nature Based Solutions to address urban sustainability challenges is only now emerging as a focus for policy attention. So far, most strategies and policy frameworks provide little direction as to how Nature Based Solutions should be adopted. There is much more potential to develop policy frameworks that can support the uptake and mainstreaming of Nature Based Solutions. Our full report reviews progress to date and highlights the potential for new policy approaches.

European & National Policy Frameworks