Finance is now seen as one of the key challenges for the development and implementation of nature-based solutions in cities. While there is a growing interest in different forms of ‘green’ finance, there is a limited evidence base about how these resources can be leveraged to support nature-based solutions and the instruments and business models needed to support the financing of nature-based solutions. The NATURVATION project will examine both mainstream and innovative financial instruments and approaches in order to establish how nature-based solutions are currently being supported and explore the potential for new approaches.

Monetary Value of European Nature-based Solutions

Cities and regional governments are making critical contributions to sustainability and climate change, and are key sites of achieving the aims of the Convention on Biodiversity and the Green New Deal.

Valuing and Investing in Nature-based Solutions for Urban Sustainability

The implementation and mainstreaming of nature-based solutions to address urban sustainability challenges is highly dependent both on how they come to be valued and the ways in which they can secure investment over the long-term.