Project Community Garden – Writing an Academic Blog

Geography student Navya Lobo describes how the story she wanted to tell about community gardens had to be a visual one and needed to be told through multiple lenses.

What about urban green inequalities?

Nature-based solutions hold the potential to drive the urban sustainability agenda and meet societal challenges but how are the benefits of new urban nature to be distributed and through what means? 

Paved square to public park: a case study from Utrecht

The Roerplein Pocket Park is one of Utrecht’s prime examples of a successful citizen-led nature-based solution.

Updating the Urban Nature Atlas

Work underway to review the Urban Nature Atlas containing 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions from 100 European cities.

Will 2020 be a golden year for nature?

With key conferences for climate and biodiversity on the horizon, a workshop in Brussels this month shone a spotlight on how nature-based solutions are rising up the policy agenda

Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience: Notes from Resilient Cities 2019

As the Resilient City Congress celebrated its 10th anniversary during the last week in June in Bonn, the development of resilient cities seems to enter a new phase.

The dense, but green, city

How Sweden is tackling the challenge of addressing carbon targets as well as urban greening. 


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