A collection of videos documenting the "Barcelona Laboratory for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability" research on green inequalities and green gentrification trends in cities across Europe.

The short documentary created by filmmaker Alberto Bougleux sheds light on the dilemma of greening cities. “To Green or Not To Green: Four Stories of Urban (In)Justice in Barcelona” showcases four neighbourhood struggles against urban inequality in Barcelona, tracing how civic groups are mobilizing to demand better air quality, safe housing conditions, and access to health care facilities—all in relation to green space.

This film covers a bit of the greening history of the working class neighbourhood “La Propsperitat” located on the periphery of Barcelona and the new plan for participative greening schemes led by a feminist architect cooperative.

This documentary intersects issues of touristification with space remodelling in the seaside neighbourhood of “La Barceloneta”, which mostly describes local mobilisations around right to the city; it raises the questions whose interests the new green/blue refurbishments along the shoreline of Barcelona have historically served.