We uncovered specific pathways that advance nature-based solutions and address challenges as diverse as climate change, biodiversity, social inclusion, and economic regeneration. Each pathway is made up of stepping stones, which are summarised in a set of 20 briefing cards. The stepping stones highlight actions in the realms of either policy, finance, or urban development, as well as real-world examples collected during research in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hungary, and at EU level. Policymakers and others interested in pursuing nature-based solutions may select a pathway that aligns with their particular context, and use the designated stepping stones to learn about key actions that will advance that pathway.

Advanced Valuation Models

Align with Strategic Priorities

Build Co-Financing Arrangements

Create Intermediaries

Develop Markets

Engage Insurance Section

Establish Demonstration Projects

Facilitate Community-Based Action

Generate Partnerships

Grow Practitioner Expertise

Improve Data and Monitoring

Include in Contractual Agreements

Incorporate in Green Investment Products

Promote Certification Schemes

Provide a Public Mandate

Provide Economic Incentives

Regulate for No Net Loss

Simulate Investment

Target Areas of Low Land Value

Work with Investment Cycles