Collecting 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions

1 June 2017

Training of 20 field assistants and researchers to collect 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions from 100 cities has started.


The NATURVATION project seeks to advance the state of the art beyond the analysis of individual types or cases of nature-based solutions by undertaking a uniquely comprehensive survey of European cities. The resulting NATURVATION database will detail the type, form, function and distribution of nature-based solutions in 100 European cities. The database will assess: the key characteristics of urban nature-based solutions; the relation between urban nature-based solutions and economic development, social inclusion and health; and the types of innovation that support the uptake of nature-based solutions in different European contexts. Central European University will lead the database activities in collaboration with Utrecht University and Lund University. Nature-based solutions are not simply existing green areas or structures, but interventions that change or enhance the function of the area/structure to address existing/current societal challenges.