Spreading findings and insights on nature-based solutions in Canada

Kes McCormick from the NATURVATION project who is currently visiting the University of Waterloo in Canada had the opportunity to participate in an “Engagement Session on Climate Change Adaptation - focusing on Water and Natural Infrastructure” with Infrastructure Canada and the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Communities. The engagement session defined two main objectives. First, engage in a frank and open discussion on opportunities, challenges and priorities for resilient infrastructure, water infrastructure and natural infrastructure programming in Canada. Second, cultivate an understanding of what policy and programing is currently underway at sub-national levels and internationally in this space in order to ensure the related endeavors of Infrastructure Canada are complementary.

As background, in the face of climate change and increasing environmental, economic and social pressures, building resilience and sustainable development has become a strategic issue for cities in Canada and around the world. The engagement session involved a broad and creative discussion of opportunities and challenges for nature-based solutions. Kes McCormick contributed with some of the key findings and insights from the NATURVATION project including the “taking action for urban nature” outputs on governance strategies, innovation pathways, business models and citizen engagement as well as insights from 54 examples of nature-based solutions in 18 cities. The NATURVATION project has produced a collection of snapshots with practical and innovative experiences of nature-based solutions.