Nature-based solutions, water challenges, urban forests and climate adaptation

Innovation pathways are journeys that involve key drivers, decision-making junctures, agents and opportunities which combine to facilitate nature-based solutions. The NATURVATION project has developed three snapshots on innovations pathways and nature-based solutions exploring urban forests, water challenges and climate adaptation.

Nature-based solutions are key for adapting to climate change impacts, such as floods, heat waves, drought, and windstorms. Nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation also have the potential to increase stakeholder involvement for sustainable climate governance and planning. Read more

Water infrastructure is critical for cities to maintain a clean sustainable water supply and build resilience to floods and droughts. Nature-based solutions for water challenges are innovative approaches to tackle social and environmental challenges. Read more

Although cities worldwide increasingly regard vegetation as critical infrastructure providing health and well-being benefits for communities and a connection to nature difficult to find in urban areas, challenges to implementation and upscaling remain. Read more