NATURVATION contributes to thematic seminar on "Our Solutions are in Nature" for the Edinburgh Process

Kes McCormick and Filka Sekulova presented findings from the NATURVATION project in the thematic seminar organised by ICLEI on "Our Solutions are in Nature" for the Edinburgh Process for Subnational and Local Governments on the development of the Post 2020 global biodiversity framework.

In this thematic session, local and subnational governments received information from government officials and leading experts delivering nature-based solutions, using examples taken from rural and urban environments to explore the role of subnational actors in implementing nature-based solutions, and discussing their linkage and interdependence with biodiversity.

Nature-based solutions can be implemented in both marine and land environments, and applied both in urban and rural settings where they also provide valuable ecosystem services that we all rely on, such as provision of clean water, clean air, food and raw materials for medicines, industry and buildings and can play a role in generating positive social and cultural positive.

Local and subnational governments play a leading role in delivering nature-based solutions on the ground, and will therefore play a leading role in shaping and implementing the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Discussion from this session may inform subsequent responses made by participants into the subnational consultation on the development of the Post 2020 GBF, which is taking place across April-June 2020.