This report explores the dynamics and politics of urban nature-based solutions innovations by comparing governance arrangements, public participation, financing mechanisms, innovation patterns and social impacts associated with the emergence and deployment of 54 nature-based solutions interventions grouped in a number of physical domains in 18 cities worldwide. One of the tasks of the NATURVATION project was to analyse the processes, mechanisms and tools which support or hinder nature-based innovations and their systemic integration. The 18 cities covered in this report include the six partner cities in NATURVATION (Barcelona, Győr, Leipzig, Newcastle, Malmö, and Utrecht), six non-European cities (Boston, Cape Town, Melbourne, Mexico City, Tianjin, and Winnipeg) and six other European cities (Athens, Dublin, Edinburgh, Montpellier, Munich, and Sofia). The cities and their nature-based solutions were systematically selected based on criteria and methods developed to ensure the representation of diverse urban and environmental conditions, while also taking the diversity of ecological domains and aspects of innovation into account.