In the face of climate change and increasing environmental, economic and social pressures, sustainable development has become a strategic issue for cities in Europe and around the world. No longer a ‘nice to have’ addition to development-as-usual, sustainability is now central to the response to climate change and in enabling growth, security and social well-being.

Enabling sustainability

Nature-based solutions are seen to hold significant promise in enabling the urban transition to sustainability. They have potential to provide multiple benefits across the range of sustainability challenges facing cities – from managing flooding to securing improved health outcomes for different groups of society. They offer flexibility in the face of a changing climate.

Working together

Six cities are partners in NATURVATION and will convene urban-regional innovation partnerships (URIPs) with strategic urban government, business and civil society organisations. The six cities URIPs will provide insights into variety of ways in which nature-based solutions are being used in different urban conditions.