New report on urban nature-based solutions and the COVID-19 pandemic now online

The report “Urban nature-based solutions and the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives, lessons and opportunities from Newcastle-upon-Tyne” promotes and develops the idea of urban nature-based solutions as a new policy agenda that can both s

New home for the updated Urban Nature Atlas

With the completion of the Naturvation project just around the corner, our popular Urban Nature Atlas has now moved to its new and permanent ho

With Sympathy

It is with great sadness that we inform you that our colleague Mihály Lados passed away on 20th April. He had been hospitalised with Covid-19 since early March.

Developing capacity for a protected planet

One year after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, IUCN published its latest PARKS journal - an issue devoted to COVID-19 and its effects on the natural world, parks, and p

Assessment maps on the potential of nature-based solutions to address climate change

The NATURVATION project has produced 775 European Assessment Maps as well as a set of City-scale Assessment Maps on Malmö, Barcelona and Utrecht.

Special Issue on the governance of nature-based solutions in the city at the intersection of justice and equity

The NATURVATION-inspired Special Issue on the governance of nature-based solutions has now been published!

Making Urban Nature Bloom

Four years, six cities, nearly a hundred meetings involving hundreds of stakeholders. Learn about our collaborative journey in this book.

Realising the Urban Opportunity: Cities and Post-2020 Biodiversity Governance

When it comes to ensuring a new deal for nature and people, cities have much to offer. Read a new policy brief on the role of cities in restoring, conserving and thriving with nature.

Over 10,000 enrolements in the Urban Nature online course

In November 2020, the Urban Nature MOOC - Massive Open Online Course passed an important milestone of 10,000 enrolements.

To green or not to green - a documentary film

In this short documentary, the case of Barcelona is explored through the voices of those who are fighting for the right to neighborhoods that are both green and affordable.

Naturvation on the Big Green Show

Learn about the "Cities, Nature and Innovation: New Directions" compendium designed and developed for the Urban Nature MOOC - Massive Open Online Course.

Urban Nature Compendium in Spanish and French

So far there is 11,000 downloads of the Urban Nature Compendium in English, and we are proud to announce it is now available in Spanish and French.

Check out the Urban Nature Navigator

The Urban Nature Navigator is a tool to assess the potential contributions of nature-based solutions to meet various urban sustainability challenges.

Our virtual urban nature exhibition is live!

The virtual exhibition on urban nature provides a collection of insights into the benefits, opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming nature-based solutions in cities.

Nature-Based Solutions: Unlocking Urban Potential

Register now for the up-coming NATURVATION virtual conference on 24 September 2020

Reconciling urbanisation with nature

Naturvation article included in special feature “Biodiversity: A New Deal for Nature” in latest Research*eu magazine

NATURVATION contributes to thematic seminar on "Our Solutions are in Nature" for the Edinburgh Process

Kes McCormick and Filka Sekulova presented findings from the NATURVATION project in this thematic seminar organised by ICLEI on "Our Solutions are in Nature".

Conserve, Restore, Thrive: How Cities are working with nature-based solutions for biodiversity

A new article examines how European cities are making explicit contributions to biodiversity through nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions, water challenges, urban forests and climate adaptation

The NATURVATION project has developed three snapshots on innovations pathways and nature-based solutions exploring urban forests, water challenges and climate adaptation.

Conserve, restore, and thrive: cities are leading on nature-based solutions

Naturvation releases a new report on the roles of nature-based soloutions for biodiversity

New Blogpost From NATURVATION On The Nature Of Cities

A critical discussion of greening at the intersection of urban densification and urban sprawl.

Cities tend to be overlooked as sites for nature-based climate solutions, but have tremendous potential

Read the latest briefing notes from NATURVATION on climate change and nature-based solutions in cities.

European cities are making explicit contributions to biodiversity through nature-based solutions

Read the latest briefing notes from NATURVATION on the biodiversity benefits of nature-based solutions in cities.

Nature-based solutions can deliver excellent return on investment

Read the latest briefing notes from NATURVATION on the economic value of nature-based solutions in cities.

NATURVATION nominated as best transdisciplinary research project for Pathways to Sustainability Award

NATURVATION is selected out of 18 nominated research projects as one of the three nominees for the Pathways to Sustainability Award. 

A tree is so much more than just a tree!

In a recent episode of the IIIEE podcast, you can learn more about specific nature-based solutions as we expand on concepts discussed in the ‘Urban Nature’ course.

Join an online course and community on cities, nature and innovation!

On 13 January 2020, the NATURVATION project is launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on nature-based solutions in an urban world.

NATURVATION displays key governance and business insights at conference in Stockholm

The NATURVATION project presented key governance and business insights for nature-based solutions at "Let the City Green!" conference in Stockholm.

New journal article by NATURVATION researchers

New journal article on when citizen engagement leads to undesirable outcomes for nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation.

NATURVATION contributes to Architects Council of Europe

Carl Bäckstrand, who is a member of the NATURVATION task force, appointed to Architects Council of Europe to lead on climate change.

Targeted strategies for overcoming barriers to nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation

Nature-based solutions for climate adaptation face many implementation barriers but champions can manage to overcome existing barriers.

New report on international comparison of nature-based solutions

This report explores the dynamics and politics of urban nature-based solutions through 54 examples grouped in a number of physical domains in 18 cities worldwide.

Naturvation joins new global network NATURA

NATURA exchanges knowledge, shares data, and enhances communication among research disciplines and across the research-practice divide to advance urban resilience in face of growing threats of extreme weather events.

Climate emergency debated on river cruise

Leading organisations from across the North East of England met to discuss the impact on people, communities and wildlife

Naturvation work features in new field guide on nature-based solutions

A field guide on nature-based solutions developed by, in which Naturvation work is featured, has been officially launched.

People in cities hold the key to ensuring a sustainable future

Cities have a critical role to play in fighting climate change but hard conversations lie ahead about the best way to achieve the transition to sustainability.

Spreading findings and insights on nature-based solutions in Canada

NATURVATION project contributes to “Engagement Session on Climate Change Adaptation" with Infrastructure Canada.

The Governance and Politics of Nature-Based Solutions

Team members meet in Barcelona for a Special Issue writing retreat

Sharing insights

Further fieldwork in Sweden under way

SAVE THE DATE - European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns

The City of Mannheim, and ICLEI Europe are pleased to announce the 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns. The conference will take place from 30 September - 2 October 2020 in Mannheim, Germany.


Water challenges and resilient cities

Naturvation in Singapore

Naturvation researcher Attila Katona speaks at Future Cities Laboratory

Nature-based solutions: what’s new?

What makes nature-based solutions innovative in comparison to similar concepts?

Financing urban nature in Hungary

Naturvation researcher Helen Toxopeus reports back from her successful fieldwork in Budapest

Insights on integrating social justice and health equity in urban greening at international symposium

On 13 December 2018 the European projects ENABLE, NATURVATION and Greenlulus organised a half day international symposium.

Financing Greener Cities

Exploring Financing Options for Greener Cities is a capacity-building event, which will focus on strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders to explore appropriate financing arrangements for nature-based interventions.

Atlas examples used in new report

IUCN launches a portfolio of nature-based solutions in Mediterranean cities with inputs from Naturvation's Urban Nature Atlas

Adapting urban greens in different climates

The Naturvation case studies are in full swing in Spain.
30 January 2019

Investing in Natural Capital

Naturvation's findings to be presented during ‘Investing to Green Greater Manchester Conference’ 

Beyond re-naturing cities: Integrating social justice and health equity in urban greening

The aim of this symposium is to share research insights and showcase city experience towards a more just and equitable urban green and blue spaces.

How to create just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities?

A webinar on 19 November 2018 (at 16h00 - 17h00 CET) on embedding green and blue infrastructure in urban planning and development.

Beyond Re-Naturing Cities: Integrating Social Justice and Health Equity in Urban Greening

Join an international symposium on nature-based solutions in Barcelona on 13 December 2018.

Special Issue on Urban Nature gathers momentum!

On 7-9 November 2018, researchers from the NATURVATION project gathered with invited international colleagues to continue the development of a special issue on Urban Nature.

Snapshots of nature-based solutions in 18 cities

Findings and insights are now available in 18 snapshots on nature-based solutions from Europe and around the world - learn about the ambitions, stories and lessons.

Horizon Scanning for Future Urban Forests

What could our urban forests be like in 2100? What are the emerging issues, challenges and opportunities for urban greening in our cities in 80-100 years?

Environmentally and socially just and resilient cities – What can blue and green infrastructure offer?

This stakeholder dialogue will provide an opportunity to share experiences on embedding green and blue infrastructure in urban planning and development. The attendance for the dialogue is free of charge.

City-to-City learning

Learning from others: How ecological compensation can be used as a tool to support nature-based solutions and contribute to Malmö's ‘dense and green’ sustainability vision

Snapshots of nature-based solutions in 12 cities

Findings and insights are now available in 12 snapshots from Melbourne, Athens, Tianjin, Sofia, Edinburgh and Mexico City as well as Barcelona, Utrecht, Leipzig, Malmö, Gyor and Newcastle.

Call for Proposals: Nature’s New Urban Worlds session at AAG 2019

Naturvation researchers Harriet Bulkeley and Laura Tozer have a released a call for proposals for a session at the American Association of Geographers Conference in Washington D.C.

EU-Brazil sector dialogue on nature-based solutions

An “International Seminar on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS): Promoting Urban Nature for more Resilient Cities. Examples from Brazil and Europe” is taking place from 9-10 July 2018 in Brasília (Brazil).

Report on nature-based solutions in European and national policy frameworks now online

Do we have the right frameworks in place to make nature-based solutions a reality in European cities?

Summer School "Nature-based solutions for smart cities" in Belarus

Be part of a hands-on research experience in a unique setting this August

Naturvation goes to Sydney

Rob Raven will present early findings from the Naturvation project at the panel on ‘Experiments in Infrastructure’ at the 4S Conference, in Sydney, Australia on 29 August to 1 September, 2018.

Urban Nature Atlas report now online

Our latest report on the Urban Nature Atlas is now available to download.

Snapshots of Nature Based Solutions in Barcelona, Malmö, Gyor, Newcastle, Utrecht and Leipzig

Despite the growing interest in Nature Based Solutions for addressing urban sustainability, there can be a gap between assessments of their potential and their use in practice.

NATURVATION at the Earth System Conference in Utrecht in November 2018

NATURVATION to organise panel on “Governing urban nature for sustainability: complex architectures & emerging agency”

Nature has the solutions, but still needs help

Naturvation is calling for a step-change in how nature-based solutions like green roofs and city lagoons are used for sustainable urbanisation and in tackling climate change. But first, the project's researchers are addressing a knowledge gap on current best practices and impacts.
20 December 2017

Utrecht to host opening event of EU Green Week

Naturvation partner PBL to organise the opening event of EU Green Week 2018.
14 November 2017

Naturvation@COP23 in Bonn

Naturvation participates in a panel session on “Nature-based solutions for climate resilient cities: practical examples and how they can be mainstreamed and financed” during the UNFCCC COP23 in Bonn. 
26 October 2017

Re-inventing the City with Nature-based Solutions

Kes McCormick presented online the early findings on nature-based solutions from the Urban Regional Innovation Partnerships in Naturvation to the National Cities Forum organized in Melbourne, Australia.

Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use

The conference 'Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use' will be held in Tallinn from 24th to 26th October 2017

Working Paper: The Nature of Innovation for Urban Sustainability

Urban nature-based solutions are novel interventions that mobilize nature to address pressing societal challenges in cities.

Working Paper: Characterizing nature-based solutions from a business model and financing perspective

Nature-based solutions can help overcome urban sustainability challenges by providing services, creating benefits and holding value for different urban actors.

Working paper: The Governance and Politics of Nature-Based Solutions

We are examining the evidence for successful governance, business, finance and public participation schemes for the implementation of nature-based solutions.
2 June 2017

NATURVATION Database of Financial and Economic Values for nature-based solutions

NATURVATION is developing a comprehensive approach to assessing the value of nature-based solutions.
1 June 2017

Collecting 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions

Training of 20 field assistants and researchers to collect 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions from 100 cities has started.
1 June 2017

NATURVATION ecosystem services database now available on GLOBIO website

There is increasing need to quantify urban biodiversity and ecosystem services delivered by urban nature-based solutions.